Shiatsu Art Therapy - The Art of Shiatsu
Shiatsu Art Therapy


Shiatsu is more than just a technique. It is not based simply on therapeutic protocols, it transcends into art when energy begins to flow harmoniously. Each session is different and unique, either because it is followed by another path to change, or because each session is a new condition. Humans find themselves in a new situation and nothing is the same as it was before. Their body, emotions and mind are constantly moving.

Ηumans consist of an undivided entity which is composed of the coexistence of body-emotions-mind. Qi energy comes to connect these elements in a harmonious way.Qi also acts as a flexible thread that allows these elements to move respectively with the vibrations that they receive, without cutting off their connection.

The personalities of both, the therapist and the patient, interact with each other by means of this technique. This creates a safe environment in which the patient can review his physical body, emotions, and mind, and how these aspects of their identity affect their interaction with their environment, and the stimuli of everyday life.

“When the experiences of man become the colors that give life to the canvas”

From the healing process to
human existence