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~ Delphine F. ~

My experience with Vangelis reconnected me to my body and the flow of life. I came to his shiatsu session feeling anxious and lost, having pain from neck to lower back. I left with a big smile and a relaxed body.
I already had some shiatsu before but the way Vangelis practices it felt much more gentle, soft, respectful and yet efficient.
He welcomes you, listens to you and takes care of you with an open heart, being fully present for you all the time of the session. I highly recommend getting a session with Vangelis if you endure any form of physical or emotional discomfort or pain. Shiatsu with him is a bliss!

~ Bryony ~

“My experience with Vangelis is one I can not recommend more. With many injuries and pains in my body throughout my years due to my professions I am so used to being beaten up and bruised on the table, but Vangelis approach to healing was most welcomed. His gentle touch and pressure was more than what I needed, and he is incredibly right when he says “why inflict more pain on pain” I couldn’t agree more with this method and theology.
After my session my body felt flowing and awakened with energy. It is truly a unique experience.”

~ Aida Po ~

“I was blessed to experience Vangelis’s touch and it was memorable. He has a grounded, calm presence and I did feel these qualities stronger after the session with him, as well as lightness, steadiness and balance. Being a Shiatsu therapist myself, I highly recommend to work with Vangelis.”

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